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What is Bakfy

Scandals.Rumors.Gossip . And all these shared anonymously in the campus. This is what defines Bakfy. Showing your true colors while not revealing whom you really are. Your professor might be a leach , you might have a crush on your friend's partner or you find someone the biggest pain in your life. You don't have to be smiling and nice anymore. Share your deepest thoughts with boys and girls of your campus or of campuses across India - anonymously.
Do yourself a favor and download Bakfy from Google Play Store for free. And BTW, don't be surprised if you find yourself mentioned there.

Bakfy is FUN

Do girls like guys with chest hair? Have he justcurious ard conflicting views #justcurious
How many of you think that one night stands are ok ?
I had nothing to do right now,so i opened my bakfy and typed this shit :P
I'm thankful to bakfy for connecting me with ppl all ovr d country.. never met so many amazing ppl!
VIT se Jalne Wale IITians janta Maaf Nahi Karegi :P
I know I m weird, I have more faith in existence of aliens than that of god.
Grade card dropped on my house like Hiroshima :P
Say this to your girl: I will kiss you where you are not tanned.
Have always wondered if stories about girls' making out in their hostels. Any truth in those?

Join Bakfy

Bakfy is a Bangalore based seed funded startup. Some of the brightest minds and really passionate students from across campuses are working with us. We are particularly looking for folks for Campus Marketing and Content Writing.
You should:
Be a go-getter (We believe in getting shit done)
Have the knack to stand out in a crowd and get noticed
Be a startup enthusiast
If you can associate yourself with this mojo, Bakfy may just be the place for you. We offer:

Fast-paced learning experience. (You will be working directly with one of the founders and will be part of major strategic initiatives)
Good perks and performance based stipend
Career in a fast growing startup
Chance to be coolest guy/girl in the campus.

Shoot an email at with some brief about yourself.

Press & Media

"There is one more headline feature that differentiates Bakfy from other social networks - and that's anonymity...."
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"If you are a college youngster and looking for a exciting network then Bakfy is for you...."
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